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About Us

About Us

Founded in 1996 by Christian Schlebach, Re-Sails was the first in the market to manufacture sail bags and accessories out of re purposed sails. Many years in the yachting industry showed a significant amount of old sail being disposed of in the dumpster. Realizing the potential of Dacron in different applications Christian took some of those sails and started designing jackets and bags out of his garage. Two years of sewing at home and doing the boat shows, it was decided that a store in Newport, RI was the next step.

Our Shop in Newport is the flagship store with many new products being test marketed. We are also located in Annapolis MD, just before the Naval Academy. With plans for a few more stores located in sailing communities, keep your eyes open for us, we might be neighbors. Custom designed in Newport RI and having 2 state side stores has given Re-Sails the opportunity to become a household name in the sailing industry.

We are proudly made in the USA and dedicated to the recycling of sail material and green production. We are able to customize our products just for you so if you have an idea give us a call, we would love to hear from you.