Our wholesale discount is forty percent (40%) less than current retail pricing for brick and mortar locations only; All current retail prices are listed on our website. All wholesale ordering need to be placed prior to May 31 to meet your summer deadlines and prevent longer lead times.

This applies to resellers only; A reseller’s permit is required in order to receive the wholesale discount.

Corporate discounts are considered on a case by case basis.

All resale permits can me emailed to

Please note: apparel, bean bags, blankets, deck chairs and customized products are not eligible for wholesale discounts.

Custom orders will only receive a 20% discount with a wholesale account.


The minimum quantity to receive the wholesale discount is $800.00 for first wholesale orders, thereafter you may order at will.


Items that are in stock will ship within 48 hours, items that are not in stock will ship within 2 weeks - a notice will be sent in regards to orders with items that are on back order.

Orders placed between April and October may take up to 1 to 3 weeks to ship as it is the busiest time of year, it helps to plan ahead and place orders as soon as possible.


All orders up to $1500.00 (total) will be placed on our website with a credit card.

All orders over $1500.00, payment with a check is preferred- when ordering through the website select purchase order/ check option.

You can register your store on our site and we will set you up as a wholesaler once you have met the criteria.

Any further questions call our warehouse at:

(401) 849-0084


8:30am - 430pm, Monday through Friday